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Introduced as the industry's first concrete cutting chain saw, the RGC HydraCutter C150™ has always been the best performing tool in its class. This rugged, versatile saw makes clean, fast, precise, and straight cuts through concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, stone and various aggregates. It is surely the tool of choice for virtually every specialty cutting situation.

 Makes plunge, bottom, notch, trim, and corner cuts with no overcutting.
 Choice of 2 chain types to meet specific cutting needs.

 Diamond Cutting Segments are laser welded to high carbon steel chains.
 Optional 15" or 20" cutting depth.

 Dual-function trigger starts and stops tool and water flow simultaneously for convenience and operator safety..

 Lightweight, ergonomic design with cushioned handles and balanced weight distribution enhances precision cutting with minimal force reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity.
 Roller nose sprocket extends chain and bar life.

 Water flow system delivers maximum lubrication, cooling, and abrasion flushing through ten internal bar channels.

 Tapered bar design transmits increased power to the nose, reducing chain wear during plunge cuts.
 The HydraCuttter C150™ includes a steel carrying case.

 Hydraulically powered In-Line pump is available to assure adequate water supply.
The RGC MiniSaw is the newest product in our line of hydraulic concrete cutting saws. Because it is about 1/3 the weight of a full size chain saw it is the lightweight, portable answer for the contractor with quick or sporatic cutting jobs. The versatile MiniSaw makes clean, fast, precise, and straight cuts through concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, stone and various aggregates.

The MiniSaw can be run from an RGC HydraPak or any other compatible hydraulic power supply. It is the ideal tool for any contractor working with concrete.
 Makes plunge, bottom, notch, trim, and corner cuts with no overcutting.
 Choice of 2 chain types and 13" or 15" cutting depths to meet specific needs.

 Diamond cutting segments are laser welded to a high carbon steel chain chasis.

 Dual-function trigger starts and stops tool and water flow simultaneously for convenience and operator safety.

 Lightweight aluminum frame is ergonomically designed to enhance cutting precision while reducing operator fatigue.
 Roller nose sprocket extends chain and bar life.

 Water flow system delivers maximum lubrication, cooling, and abrasion flushing through eight internal bar channels.

 Hydraulically powered In-Line pump is available to assure adequate water supply. 

The unique pistol grip saw is easy to handle and use in tight spaces and from an aerial basket.
RGC Hand Chain Saws are lightweight and cut quickly.  They are compact and ideal for landscaping, grounds keeping and farming.  Utility companies and municipalities also benefit from their versatility and low maintenance.

 Quiet, durable and available with 13", 16" and 20 " cutting capacities.
 Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.
 Each tool can easily be changed from an open- to closed-center circuit. 

 Rugged gear motor and expanded chip exit area. 
 Sprocket cover can be removed without tools for easy cleaning.
 Automatic chain oiler can be adjusted without tools. 

 Safety features include: two-step trigger, high impact polymer front handle/shroud, wide lower handle protects hands/knuckles, chain catcher stops chain rotation.
 Handle position can be oriented to horizontal, or to 30° or 60° relative to the bar and chain according to operator preference.
 The pistol grip saw design is very compact and easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

 The standard hand chain saw has an anti-kickback 3/8 in. pitch chain and automatic chain oiler.

 The pistol grip saw uses a .325 pitch anti-kickback chain. 

 Supplied with 12 in. hose whips. 

Why Hydraulics ?   Lets review some information about the "Hydraulic Solution", Benefits of Hydraulic Equipment.
vs. Pneumatic (Air Powered) Tools
* No exhaust air creating noise, dust, and breathing problems. 
* Less wear and longer life as all parts continuously move in oil. 
  Will not freeze in cold weather. 
* Much higher performance to weight ratio (i.e. a 72 lb. hydraulic breaker will outperform a 90 lb. pneumatic breaker). 
* Far more portable than pneumatic (transportable by pick-up truck). 
* Versatility to be powered off other hydraulic sources (such as a Skidsteer or Bobcat).  * Lower initial cost and less fuel consumption.
vs. Electric Powered Tools
* No danger of high voltage injuries and can be used underwater. 
* Longer life and less maintenance. 
* Tools like the Hand Held Core Drill have built-in pressure relief if the bit binds in the cut - resulting in greater operator safety.
vs. Gas Powered Tools
* No danger of hot and poisonous exhaust. 
* Far less maintenance - as the power source is removed from the work area. 
* Less noise and weight - no engine on the tool.
General Comparisons
* High power-to-weight ratio - the highest of all available power sources. 
* Greater operator comfort + less fatigue = greater productivity.
* Lowest maintenance time and longer life of the components. 
* Less noise - no engine on the tool. Perfect for sound-sensitive jobs. 
* Hydraulic tools can be used underwater! 
* Will operate in sub-zero conditions when other tools freeze up. 
* One power source can run many different hydraulic tools. 
* Extremely portable power unit - small and easy to maneuver. 
* Versatility to run off other hydraulic power take offs (PTOs). 
* Operate indoors - no exhaust fumes from the tool. 
* Easy to cut wet - hydraulic tools are a closed system that cannot be contaminated by water, dust, or debris. 
There are a variety of factors that have contributed to the increasing popularity of handheld hydraulic tools.

Power to weight ratio
Handheld hydraulics offer hands down the best power to weight ratio of the four traditional power sources. For example, a top-of-the line 60-pound class hydraulic handheld breaker can outperform a 90-pound class pneumatic breaker. And if you factor in the power sources, the advantage to hydraulics is even more dramatic. A 185 cfm air compressor may weigh as much as 2,700 pounds, while a typical hydraulic power pack comes in at just 150 pounds.

Transport and storage
In the old days, a yard full of big equipment might make an equipment owner feel proud, but today it is seen as more of a liability in terms of storage and handling. Handheld hydraulic equipment is small and light by comparison, making little demand on large storage facilities or heavy transport and handling equipment to get it out to job sites. No heavy truck is needed.

With asset management taking on ever-increasing importance in the rental business and elsewhere, a hydraulic package (power pack and breaker) has a decided cost advantage over a compressor and a pneumatic breaker. It is important to note that an air compressor has many other uses besides powering a breaker and that a standard 185 cfm model can supply air for two or even three breakers at a time. Still, a hydraulic power pack can run other hydraulic tools and offers an excellent low-cost opportunity to be competitive for the small contractor or for rental operations at less than half the cost of an air compressor and breaker combination.

Moreover, with the proper fittings, a hydraulic breaker can be hooked up directly to a hydraulic carrier, such as a mini-excavator, skidsteer loader or backhoe. Provided the hydraulic flows match — a flow-regulating device can be installed — the breaker will work quite well, thus saving the additional cost of a separate power pack.

Ease of use
On site, handheld hydraulic breakers and pneumatic breakers are used in much the same way. Modern hydraulic hoses are light and quite flexible, approaching the characteristics of standard rubber air hoses. Extending hoses is simple with the state-of-the-art couplings used on hydraulic equipment today. One manufacturer claims that you can connect up to 70 feet of hose with no significant drop in performance.

In the old days, dropping the end of a hydraulic hose on the ground could spell disaster, as the dirt could easily contaminate the hydraulic oil circuit. Today's no-spill flat face hydraulic couplings are designed to keep the dirt out, and filter systems prevent most of the danger of contamination. There's a hydraulic power pack that uses a biodegradable hydraulic oil, so that inadvertent spills need not cause undue worry.

Handheld hydraulic breakers are easy to handle around the jobsite. Most have a slim design, and several models are available with ergonomic anti-vibration handles. Service requirements for hydraulic systems are generally modest. With modern, reliable four-stroke gasoline engines providing the power, operating the hydraulic power pack is simple, and fuel is readily available. Most hydraulic power packs come with wheels and handles so they can be readily maneuvered around the job site.

Hydraulic vs. electric equipment
Electric demolition hammers and breakers are arguably even easier to use and less costly than handheld hydraulics, but the comparison falls short when power to weight ratios are considered. A 65-pound hydraulic breaker can compete comfortably with a 90-pound air hammer in hitting power. Handheld hydraulics are also more robust and less subject to expensive repairs.

Handheld hydraulic demolition tools are a growing part of the world market. They are used in a variety of applications, beginning with light demolition and repair work on structures, infrastructure service and repair such as roadwork, trenching and other similar uses. More specialized applications such as tie tamping on railroads or cleaning out kilns at cement works are also common.

A hydraulic handheld breaker can be put to use virtually anywhere you might use a pneumatic, electric or gasoline-powered breaker. Of course, there is never a single best choice for all cases. Nevertheless, handheld hydraulic breakers have developed over the past 20 years from a rather crude technology into sophisticated tools for a broad variety of construction and maintenance applications, earning their rightful place in the rental fleet.

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